Paradise af

You see, I wasn’t a big fan of normalcy. So I climbed the limits as far as I could, almost as though to fly towards the sky. 

But we’ve all done our science and baby, I fell. I fell so so badly yet I still kept going.

And when I crossed what I could, I wasn’t even surprised or exhilarated. I’d seen the sky, it’s the same as yours. 

I’ve seen this town well, afar and up close but even as I climbed and climbed and climbed I asked to myself, why hadn’t I ever given ‘normal’ a shot?

The word itself was plagued by lies, so much that we all yell at families and friends and ourselves to be normal again. 

Baby, I’ve tried to cross and reach as far as the sky and fly. Soar, in fact but gravity pulled me back to be normal again and that was when I thought to myself whether we all feast upon lies, just like we do with food happiness and colours. Words are pretty, lies prettier, the truth? That’s my paradise and that’s my normal. 

                                                T. M. B


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