Lake or the Ocean?

I hide behind my mouth. Beneath my smile there lays a façade and a truth. 

Sometimes there’s so many of me that I’m so sick of it all. 

As the clock ticks, varieties of me dilute behind what I show to you and slowly I get tethered, I never intend for things like this to happen and sometimes I feel like a lake and as for the other times, my little lake brims unto the edge. 

My tiny lake overflowing while I still I hide behind my mouth

With façades and truths beneath my smiles,

Even as all this happens I cannot help but ask,

Little lake what’s up next? You’ve been flowing for miles. 

I try to belittle you but guess who’s winning the belittling game. What a petty little task?

Swallowing me whole making me spin and kick things and somehow I still sting. 

I wonder why, my little lake why do you do it all? What a shame, it’s all the same. 

Sometimes, just sometimes I like to think of what else you could bring. 

But I then think that I hope for too much even when I hope that you’re now tame. 

I hide behind my mouth. 

Beneath my smile there lays still, a façade, a truth. 

No matter how hard you try to let go of it, note that it isn’t a case of mere nail thinner. 

But do know, my dear ones that sometimes what I say to you is partly true too. 

Oh forget me being a little lake, 

My take on myself is merely just very unjust for I switch to whatever ends there may be, 

So forget me being a little lake, whatever I may be, wipe my words off the slate. 

I tend to go unpunished sometimes. 

Perhaps, I used to wonder, it’s the rules turning the lock and sealing my fate but now how I’d rather bend them all, yes, that’s been my new defining trait. 

Try to remove me, sure, but remember that the ocean isn’t just a case of mere nail thinner.

                                                        The Meticulous Button 


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