Oh do you know about the old lady who replaced the picture of her dead son with his daughter? Their resemblance is striking and very coincidental, but what she forgets is that she isn’t him, she doesn’t know her, just assumes to, her perspective like a broken down road full of concrete buildings and damaged things. She finds that right. She finds that beautiful and smart. Her assumptions, speculations and judgments are her humour. But a few nights I’m sure she looks up at the ceiling questioning everything like everyone does.

 Do you know of the men begging for customers to come inside their store and to have some tea, 

Hoping that they’ll buy something just so that they’ll fall right in with society. Soon they’ll all die not making a difference, 

You’d say I’m pessimistic and silly but I’d say that I’m realistic and right. They die not making a bare change, 

Selling half broken things to half broken people with fully broken minds. 

Praying and starving for a better world but how can the lack of food help you accomplish your goals with a lack of everything?

                                                                      The Meticulous Button


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