Simon says.

Hello there my pretty, I call myself Simon. Simon says to touch your nose, so you did. 

Simon’s demands became increasingly doubted by a lot, but those ones were silenced. 

Simon says to get an education! Get money!

So we did. 

Little did we know about Simon’s trap. 

Simon then said,

Shame yourself, get a better body. 

Daily, we don’t know about how the passerby looks at themselves in the mirror, do we?

We just judge them. 

Simon says that adolescents are to be sent to colleges!

So we sent them away!

Get the money, so they did. Did I mention how much Simon hated talking about the failures?

Just focus on the good side. 

Not the negative ones. 

Mickey, an adolescent, 

Raging hormones,

Short temper and whatnot 

Got into as they all might,

The fine doors of peer pressure. 

He didn’t want to lose his only good friends. 

Simon told Micky,

Earn the money, listen to society,

Burden yourself, 

You’re a boy aren’t you!

That’s your job! Not a woman’s. Obviously. 

Micky is a damn fool. So is Simon. 

Would you listen to what Simon has in store if I just forge his name and claim that I’m him?
                 M. B


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