What’s written about them?

There’s so much written about how ones heart broke and how hurt they are, hoping that their significant other would finally, FINALLY take them back,But what’s written about those people who have to wake up every morning,

Take out the trash from others’ houses,

Sweep the floors,

Chop off the grass,

Hoping for a raise in their salary?

Just so they can get proper livings, fees for their schools, their children’s schools. 

What’s written about the owner of the house, so much in debt, who’s about to die?

With nothing to give to the little 19 year old?

A big age I know,

But how small could he get?

Has to work



Just like the women who do, hoping for a raise,

Hoping not to get beaten up by their husbands,

Crossing dark alleys with so much of shame. 

What’s written about the little girls and little boys wondering why their parents always yell,

Why their dad always has bruises,

When they’re told that females are the weaker ones?

What’s written about the children wondering about the unprescribed pills?

Wondering what they did to enter the room where they get beaten up. 

When all they want is love,

Does it help that their friends always ditch them and nobody cares except for that new girl who’ll soon be gone?

What’s written about the older people, 

Working, ironically,

For the younger ones?

Then them running away!

Leaving them to work on the streets,

Cars honking at them every night,

Almost getting killed?

What’s written about the people who don’t want to be written about?

Now doesn’t the whole, my lover left me, I feel low, sound very mediocre?

Yes, I agree, they’re all our struggles, 

Struggles bigger than the rest,

Struggles smaller than the others,

But oh!

We can only deal with so much without breaking, cutting ourselves,

For what’d we ever do to deserve this?

It isn’t always the bad guy getting punished for the bad deed, am I right?

The Meticulous Button. 


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