What if we wore the inside out?

The beautiful faces would fade out to look ugly and plain and stupid. 

The average faces, all those insecurities would stand out to be admired like one would with high cheekbones. 

They say everyone is beautiful 

I ask in which context

Is everyone beautiful?

I stand for affirmative 

What if we wore the inside out?

All those with the beautiful magazine faces would fade out to get all those thoughts

All those shamed for being so beautiful 

Their unwanted insecurities would stand out like long lashes and full lips

Short lashes and thin lips

If we wore the inside out 

Would there be a ‘love at first sight’ ?

I think not for if we did wear the inside out, 

Everyone would run away to protect themselves from what was always hidden. 

I’d rather what we already have

Dimples when you feel like breaking inside

Shaking your head yes, when asked if you’re alright 

For wouldn’t there be too many misunderstandings if we didn’t mask our feelings?

Us lying to our lovers that we’re okay

Us lying to our friends and family that we’re okay

If it was all written on our faces 

We wouldn’t have anything that we have now.


The Meticulous Button. 


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