Fire born

There was once a girl, so so clueless,
That girl ran around people like a lost puppy,

Till one day she rose from the ashes of her past and ran away from it so so fast the passerby couldn’t even comprehend that it could be her,

She grew to be so strong and independent 

Her presence,

One that demands to be felt

Her vibe, too strong for the non alcoholic ones

She’d make you intoxicated on her you see,

She’d never bow down 

She’d never let anyone treat her any less than her value

She’s beauty and grace

One to admire from afar, as though she was a dangerous firework who might burn you if you act too asinine

She was fire you see, still ceases to be. 

Oh! What a feisty woman she is, 

One who stands as a role model for the other,

One who has more balls than men do,

Watch and learn she’d laugh and say to those who laughed at her too big dreams

Did I mention her intoxicating presence? Making you want more and more always till she becomes a drug,

Once mistreated,

You’re a goner. 

Funny once you recall what an astray person she once was. 

Don’t tell her I told you. 

The Meticulous Button.


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