Hustle hustle hustle 

You can’t stop the tears from falling down.

Do you ever think that we toughen ourselves too much? Let’s be real here, sometimes we’re pushing ourselves too much, or never at all. Hustle. I always tell myself. 

Guess what I was told? That I pity myself, that made me push myself so much that I don’t even know whether I’m broken, perfect, fixed, hurt, sad, any of those feelings we all deep down find so so addictive. Obviously, and you know what? I don’t care what state I’m in, I’ll just keep pushing myself so much till I reach a point where I take a break, look back, relax myself with satisfaction. No point judging others, if you’re that kind of person, you might say that you’ll learn from their flaws, well, make your own mistakes. I always thought the quote about learning from others’ mistakes was bullshit. Why learn from their mistakes, isn’t that you being less daring, taking lesser risks? Less chances? The mistake that person made, could have brought you success in so many different contexts. Be real. Not overly cautious. I always believe that we should take our chances. No, not going around jumping off of metaphorical cliffs saying, assuming you’ll survive, because it’s about the risks. Now that’s downright stupid, for what it’s worth, use protection. 

The Meticulous Button.


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