Stand here

We stood there staring out the window listening to the plitter platter of the rain trying hard to ignore the silence
We stood there trying to get back our first loves 

Our first something’s but never succeeded 

We stood there in an argument on the verge of tears

We stood there smiling in glee, high on adrenaline, euphoric 

We stood there jumping off a cliff and into the water closing our eyes while we were at it

We stood there staring at each other in disbelief as we drifted away

We stood there trying to erase those five seconds of closeness 

She stood there wondering if you did it all the time

If you were used to it all

They stood there at the same point

Meeting again

Through strangers’ eyes 

Not knowing each other

They felt special with each other till they realised that everyone was treated like that by the other

They stood there and breathed in the ocean mist and thinking of the beauty of nothingness

They stood there as time slipped by us so quickly 

Seconds became years as a barrier came in the middle 

She stood there watching him get burnt and watching his ashes flow into water

Isn’t that how it always ends?

The Meticulous Button.


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