We’re all the fair skinned

It’s been so many years since his speech was spoken
He had a dream, didn’t he? 

We loved it, or at least a few did, right?

Because the color of one’s skin matters so much that killing them is more satisfying,

Tell me now, does such a thing as a shade on ones skin matter so much, something they can’t control, something they shouldn’t be shamed for, 

Shouldn’t be killed for,

Matter so much?

Does it matter so much that police are partial everywhere to the black skinned

Making it seem as though they sin?

By the end of it, 

It’s all just skin 

It’s all just the amount of fucking melanin one has. 

By the end of it,

My words won’t change anything, barely so. 
Grow evolve think prosper, utilize

Don’t waste those seconds 

You’ll never get them back

Don’t waste your time

Time is money but you can never buy time 


Think what you’ll do in two years

It’ll be too late otherwise 


Don’t think out of the box yet stand out from the crowd. 

Drop what you’re doing and fucking rush to me at full speed 


Forgive forget learn as much as you can but sweetheart, don’t let the numbers judge you, 

Yet, numbers matter


You won’t be there

Your promises won’t laugh

Cold cash, cold feet, cold heart, cold promises,

What else do you think formed these cold hearts?


Stop what you’re doing. 

Let it all go.

The Meticulous Button.


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