We live in a speck of dust granted by inevitable space and in this one speck of dust granted by it we choose to treat it selfishly , making , creating so many problems so many hesitations and so much wrongness that destroyed our breathtakingly beautiful speck of something. 

If you think about it, we’ve exaggerated our lives on here making
suicide , destruction, wars, rulers , politics a thing. If you think about it, Gandhi won’t matter because in this never ending universe that we exist in, we’re all just specks of dust, we’re all just trying to live what was given to us, also popularly known as life, to the fullest. 

We mean nothing, by the end of it Martin Luther king or the ISIS or Obama , or Trump are all meaningless nothings who are trying to make something out of this temporary speck. If you ask me, I find the idea of the world being temporary, beautiful. Why? Because it being temporary means that we haven’t actually taken the world for granted, we’ve destroyed what was contributed to us for a short period of time and we’ll all be gone soon. So we might as well just all hug Trump and the members of the ISIS because if you think about it, we as humans tend to cause a lot of fucking drama and the crowd tends to shake their heads at the amount of destruction and corruption taken place. 

 The Great Barrier Reef is dead and that makes the future that we’re all dreading very, very close. But remember, don’t exaggerate anything, everything else already is being exaggerated, isn’t it? By the end of it, feminism, sexism, equality and any kind of ‘ity’ will not matter because the world we live in will soon very well be demolished and our exaggerated problems are the epitome of what destroyed that speck of dust floating in the universe. 

Say no, say no to suicide, say no to that void that you think you’ll be sucked in, say no to the cause of your destruction, say no to you being a catastrophe, disaster, disappointment, vexation, hesitation, of you being not worth a damn stiver because you matter. Not to the speck, but there surely must be a reason why you’re present on only this particular one? And that is to make the best of the life granted to you. On this little speck of dust where so many lives exist and we all tend to destroy. On this beautiful speck of dust that floats through a never ending universe which can be a mind fuck at times. On this little speck of dust that can be brushed off , on this little thing that we all might as well say that we took it for granted if you look at it through another looking glass,

The Meticulous Button. 


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