Being ‘human’ 

Feminism and equality, they say, but tell me, why don’t you mention the struggles the male gender has had? Why don’t you mention the part where he had to hold back his hand when the girl abused him because he was taught not to hit any? No, I’m not saying that boys shouldn’t be taught not to hit females, I’m saying, that when they are assaulted and abused by them, they should stand up for themselves, for instance,

The headlines of a newspaper might say something along the lines of-
Woman assaulted by man. 
When really, worst case scenario, all the man did was slap her for ASSAULTING HIM. Have you ever come across a headline where they address a situation in which a MAN got ASSAULTED by a WOMAN? No. I don’t think so. 

One might ask, what if she was really assaulted?

Really though? Why couldn’t she have just slapped back? I know, it mightn’t be that easy, why? Because we raise females like that. Be gentle, be kind. 

We all gasp at the horrors he did. But he stood up for himself. We teach girls to conceal themselves, we teach boys to hide their emotions because it’s not manly to release your emotions but it’s okay to bottle them up, we teach girls to like pink and barbies, be gentle not tough, you’re gay if you watch sports because that’s what your OPPOSITE GENDER WOULD DO. Are we though?

Are we emotionally opposite or taught to be?

Are we actually living in a country or a world where equality of BOTH the genders is focused on?

Aren’t we missing the point here? 
Just because a boy likes pink, doesn’t make him gay. So what if he is gay?

Just because a girl expresses herself physically doesn’t make her gay either. So what if she is?

People are shamed for behaving in manners that cross the rule book. 

They are shamed and told that being gay is bad

They are shamed and told that acting the way they are makes them x and x ways

They are told to fit in and when they try to they are chastised for doing so. 
Have we as humans made up our minds?

Is it feminism or sexism!?

Because surely we all want more equality and lesser shaming. 

Surely we want no shaming at all. 

Surely we want no rule books because each one of us is different and each one of us is a lost star just finding its path in the sky. 
” No! Not the pink, that’s for girls, the blue, now that’s for you. ”
She gazes with burning curiosity at the soccer ball and wondered why she couldn’t use that instead of the plastic synthetic doll. 
They told him to lower the volume with a disapproving glare as the word gay popped up. There was a child sitting beside him.
She watched as her brother struggled with the business he never wanted to do and never could do, but had to do. She shifted her mind to the other possibilities that could change her family business. She was laughed at and was told to go play with the barbies she was forced to, the makeup she never wanted and the dresses she always despised. 
He was called by his classmates only to laugh along with them at an article with the word transgender in it. He thought it better to walk away. 
Yes, I like the idea of chivalry, I don’t mind getting doors opened but why can’t I do the same for you? Is it because I’m a girl? Is it because it’s in you little book of rules and the how to of life? 

Why are we humans, so narrow minded? We were brought up since birth in such a way and little standard things like the color pink for a girl and blue for a boy are one of the very first mistakes we make when we raise a whole new generation hoping for a better world. We won’t get a better world obliging to the environment we are in right now.
Think about it,

The Meticulous Button. 


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