What is reality?

Darkness making love with the sky,
Visions at the night she escapes for distractions,

Away from her demons,

To whom only in the end did she give in,

When she fell into darkness she found beauty within it,

She realized that it wasn’t so bad after all,

And she didn’t want to shut her eyes, away from the vision,

That was the darkness that consumed her. 


He sucked in a breath as he reached the top of the cliff,

He gazed at the sky,

Intoxicated by the overdose of its beauty,

At that moment the sky looked so vulnerable,


So powerful and unyielding

He spun around and saw the other half of the sky where darkness was embracing the city,

He lay down and let his thoughts take over him,

He didn’t care, at that moment. 


She cried herself to sleep always,

But tonight,

She felt numb,

All she wanted to do was run

Scream out loud,

At nothingness,


That’s exactly what she did

She ran 

And ran 

And ran

At one point her muscles ached so much in protest,

That she had to scream out loud. 


He heard an echo of a scream from afar and smiled to himself 

At the differences in the world,

At the beauty of it,

He continued to gaze at the burning sky

And let a tear fall out,

Not because he was sad,

But because of what lay above him

He heard footsteps approach him

Saw the silhouette of a woman. 


She saw a man lay on the rocks

Gazing at the sky,

She saw the movement of his head

And gasped when she saw his face. 


He sucked in a breath with as he looked at her face

As he took her in

She looked the same

She looked so different,

He stood up to make sure that that he wasn’t dreaming and he walked towards her,


As though she might run away,

If he might walk too fast,

It was her.


 He walked towards her

She took in his familiar face

Is this real?
Before he could come closer,

She did what she thought best,

She ran away,

It was him. 


The Meticulous Button. 


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