Pointless beginnings

It hit me all of a sudden when I noticed the distance between us and our words, it hit me when I realised how quickly it all escalated, it hit me when we were perfect strangers passing our hellos like nothing happened before. It hit me when I realised it was your doing. 

It hit me when I realised that I pretended like I was tough

Like I was strong. 

But really, those façades, 

I know there was some reality behind it all

Those acts of selfishness. 

It hit me when I realised I was replaced so easily 

It hit me 








By you. 

So I keep my head up and lie further?

Will you be a closed wall that won’t budge?

I just can’t anymore. 

Everything happening

Everything hidden from me

All these clues are too hard for my low witted self

Can’t I just ask?

Apparently I cannot,

It’s funny because I thought we were family.

Time will tell its own story?

I fucking HATE what it can mean. 

Why can’t we just speak out instead of just going along with it?

Why can’t we not live life and just be present in a void without these things called feelings 

Without these man made terms?

What is the point anyway?

We formed the earth the way it is now somehow,

 And we will be the ones to end it. 

By the end of it Gandhi won’t be remembered,

Neither would Martin Luther King’s words that caused most of us to tear up every time we hear them. 

By the end of it we’re all the nosy, interfering people, with these weird things called pain, guilt, stress,

Causing problems. 

We are the cause of everything if you think about it. 

Our WORLD will collapse and our aptitude won’t matter anymore 

Neither will history and wars. 

What’s point of all this anyway?

The Meticulous Button. 



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